Q: Is Masturbation normal?

     I wonder everytime when I make love with my husband, his climax is always earlier than mine, and I often masturbate myself to the high tide, and THE QUESTION IS

"Am I normal whenever I act like that?


You are certainly normal as you did this way.

But there are 3 suggestions:

1.You may try to match your husband ‘s organism with your climax in the same time  through “ Touch Therary” to your husband instructed by Urologist.

2.Or by riding upon your husband trunk as he lie flat on the bed during sexual coitusyou may get organism first with active motion by yourself.

3.Even still failAsked your husband to touch and stimulate your Clitoris to make you reach organismat least..

                                    Dr Duckbill 1998/5/1

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