A:To Winston

      Sorry to reply late.because a little problem of my computer.

      About the problem of you and your girlfriend ,First of all,don't worry.Its not a big deal,since you have courage to ask for help,nothing can't be solved .you have two choices if both of you are adult and decided not to have this baby.

       First, you may go to any pharmacy to buy RU486.---the medicine of abortion,charge about 5000NT dollars.your girlfriend will experience bleeding in 3 days,but you may have some risk of complication

1.     Massive bleeding,

2.     Incomplete abortion

3.     Allergy to medicine. ,

Besides themedicine is still illegal to sell in our country.,So be very careful to

use it ,at least ask more detail to the pharmacist,and read Dr.duckbill's address in this topic before you do it.

       Second choice is bring your girlfriend to anyone of a Gyn-Obs clinic to have a minor operation of artificial abortion,charge around 5000-6000NT dollars,safer and simplier,but you must strictly obey the instrutions of Dr.before and after D&C.

Which method be choiced will up to both of you.But safty is most important things to be concerned.

         However contraception is more important ,even coming morning pill can avoid today's problem.Be remember and read medical information in Dr.duckbill's address,OK?                             

DUCKBILL  86/12/15



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